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Igor Novikov is the previous Senior Counselor of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenasky. He was born in 1984 and now Igor is an Entrepreneur and a businessman lives in Ukraine. He is also a public speaker. Nowadays He is spreading his work in the whole Europe. Though there is not much information about Igor Novikov  but In this post you will get Igor Novikov’s  Biography, Family and Net worth etc.

Igor Novikov Biography

Igor is a known person in Ukraine. Since his information is not in Wikipedia, many wants to know about him. Here is some information about Igor Novikov.

Igor is a nice looking and tall guy from Ukraine. Igor is the formal advisor of VolodymyrZelenasky. Igor’s mother’s name is Olga Novikov. He Spend almost two years in Zelenasky’s office. His post was senior counselor. Igor has a nice personality and a successful life in Ukraine and Europe. He was a much valued person In Zelenasky’s office.  His personal information are:

Full NameIgor Novikov
Birth Year1984
Source of IncomeBusiness
Hair ColorBrown
Eye colorBrown

Igor is a talented person. His academic and professional skill give him much value in any place. He took his academic education from Ukraine. He finished his higher study in Uppingham School. After It he joined Singularity University and from it he took a executive program course. He has a degree of LLM in international Law fro the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Igor Novikov career

Igor has worked in many sector’s in Ukraine. He also has his own business which gives him a good amount of worth. He  worked in Volodymyr Zelenasky’s Senior Counselor post from starting of 2022 to the last of 2021. Almost two years he worked there and gain much popularity there. He joined in many seminars during this period.  He is now the CEO of his own NIAL group and the Singularity University Chapter Chair and Runs the GIC organization.

He worked for in the board of Allianz group from 2006 to 2007. His work helped this group to grow up.Than he offered his sponsorship to MTS group.He is known as a public speaker. He gained attention of about 150,000 people’s attention is many seminar. He is an entrepreneur. Experts call him the futurist of Europe. Some years ago he worked in the post of VEMA group for three years (from 2009 to 2012). He showed his skill there and got praise from the authority.

Igor’s Family

there is nothing much known about Igor’s family. He has his mother who lives with him. He has no sister but some says he has a brother. He is not single.  He is married and His wife’s name is Gerlina Novikov. She works in Singularity University. Their family seems to be nice because He and his wife have two daughters of them. Sophia and Masha. Sophia is older than Masha as Masha is a baby yet.

IgorIgor Novikov Net worth

As Igor’s information is not in Wikipedia it is hard to know about his net worth. But it was possible to know that Igor has many sources from which he earns a lot.  He earned 1,39,000 USD from the Zelenasky’s office. Without it he has his own business and he is CEO of NIAL company. It is heard that he has a worth of $5 Million in his wallet. But his net worth could be more than it.

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