List of Top Richest Footballers in the World 2022-2023 Forbes

Football is the most popular game of the world. In every country of this world knows football, plays  Football. Football is likes by most of the population. There are also some crazy fans of Football. As Football is the greatest game Football players earns a lot. But some players earning is much  more than others.

Football is a precious game. Many companies and organizations spend money in Football. As it there are some most richest footballers have been listed. Many of you want to know the top richest footballers of the world. That is why this article is written for. So let’s see the top 10 Richest Footballer of the world in 2022.

(1)Christiano Ronaldo ($480M)

Ronaldo is a Portuguese Football player. Ronaldo Plays for his National team and plays for Juventus club. He is Called the richest footballer of the world. He has almost $480 million. He earns a lot from Juventus. He is also hired by some biggest brands of the world. This made him the most expensive and rich Football player of the world. He Played for Manchester United and Real Madrid before. Ronaldo is the most followed in Instagram.

(2) Lionel Messi ($450M)

Lionel Messi is an Argentine Striker Football player. He has playing for many years. He plays for Argentina National Team. He played most of his time for Spain Giant club FC Barcelona. But recently he joined France Team PSG. In 2022 he is owner of more than $450 Million. He is highly paid from PSG. He is also working with Huawei, Adidas, Gatorade, Lay’s, Pepsi and many more rich companies.  This made him one of the richest athletes of the world in 2022.

(3) Neymar JR. ($210M)

Neymar is a Brazilian Football player. He is the youngest rich Football player. He have $210 million in his account. He plays for Paris Giant PSG for few years. Before it he played for FC Barcelona.  Neymar is working with  some most valuable companies like Gillete, Panasonic, Air Jordan etc. His high salary and this companies made him the youngest-rich Football player athlete.

(4) ZlatanIbrahimovic ($200M)

Zlatan is a Footballer of Sweden. He is one of the high-paid footballers of the world. Within 2022 he has a amount of about $200 Million. Though he earns a lot from his club AC Milan, he is also working  with some Giant companies. He is working with Nike, Nivea, Samsung, Volvo etc. With his high salary from his club and with this company he is now one of the richest Football players.

(5) Wayne Rooney ($180M)

The 5th richest Football player is Wayne Rooney. He has almost 180 Million USD. He is an English Successful player and He played his whole career with Manchester United. he works with Samsung, Nike, Coca-Cola etc. He earned a lot in his career and become 5th richest Football Athlete in 2022.

(6) Gareth Bale ($160M)

Gareth Bale is known as 6th Richest Footballer in 2022. He plays as Captain in Wales Team. Recently his earning is being high and in 2022 he became the sixth expensive player. His endorsement is being with Nissan Motor, Adidas, BT Sport etc. big companies.

(7) Andres Iniesta ($120M)

Andres Iniesta the Barcelona player has become 7th richest player in 2022. He got a high amount of salary every week. He not only earns from Football but also has endorsement with Nissan Motors, Nike. With this he earns about $5M in a year.

(8) MesutOzil ($120M)

Ozil is a Germanplayer. He is known as the greatest midfielder of this time. Like other footballer ozil also has endorsement with some company. He is working with Marcedez-Benz, Adidas. He is playing for a Turkish club. With this earning has been one of the richest football players of the world. He is now 8th Richest football player in 2022.

(9) Eden Hazard ($100M)

Eden joined in the Spanish Giant Club Real Madrid some month ago. He has partnership with Nike, Adidas and other Brands. He takes almost $400k From his club which lets him to be in the top ten richest Football players of the world in 2022.

(10) KAKA ($95M)

Kaka is a Brazilian Football player. Though he is retired but he is much famous among football lovers. His Football skill got heart of the people and also club owners. He played for Sao Paolo FC earlier. He has about 95 Million USD in 2022.

These are the top richest Footballers in 2022 according to their wealth. These list is being changed day by day. because there are new player showing skills in the Football field.  So to know update list of richest footballer visit this website to get latest information.

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