Sarkodie Biography

Sarkodie Biography: Age, Net Worth, Songs, Wife

Sarkodie Biography: Michael Owusu Addo is known as the Sarkodie.  Sarkodi is from Africa’s country Ghan. Though he is  a Ghanaian Music Rapper he is much famous in the whole music world. He has got millions of fan in the world.

Today we will be talking about the Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie.  Sarkodi’s Biography, Sarkodie’s Net worth, Sarkodie’s Family, Sarkodie’s Income source.

Who is Sarkodie?

Sarkodie was born in Tema, Ghana on 10 JULY of 1988. Now he is 34 years old. He spent his childhood in his birth land. Though he is a Music Rapper he is much talented. He went to college from that he got higher degree. He has the IPMC certificate in Graphics.  He is not only a singer he is also an entrepreneur. He is a song writer also. Instead of this he chose to become a singer.

Sarkodie started singing in a radio channel. From there he was introduced to some music creator who hired him to sing in Ewe’s Album. The album was hit  and Sarkodie get famous.

Sarkodie Biography

Sarkodie spent his childhood in Tema, Ghana.  Sarkodi likes music from the his early age. From then he realized his music talent when he joined a concert in his area. He got support from his family and now he is the most famous rapper in Africa.

Sarkodie musician personal information:

Real Name : Michael Owusu Addo

Mother’s Name: Emma Maame Aggrey

Date of Birth : 10 July, 1988

Place of Birth: Tema, Ghana

Spouse Name:  Tracy Owusu  Addo

Children : 2

Daughter: Adalyn Owusu Addo

Son: Michael Nama Yaw  Owusu Addo

Sarkodie is called the fastest music rapper in whole Africa. He has fans in every country of Africa and other Continentals.   He is singing music and writing song for over a decade. Sarkodie is the fourth children of his parents. His siblings and parents did not know that he would become the most famous singer of Africa.

Sarkodie’s Marital Life

Sarkodie seems to be loyal to his wife Tracy Owusu Addo. After their long time girlfriend-boyfriend relationship they got married in 2018. There are some rumors which say Their marriage has been one of the most expensive marriage in the world.

Sarkodie’s Children

Sarkodie has two childrens. One daughter and a son. His daughter’s name is Adalyn Owusu Addo and his Son’s name is Michael Nama Yaw Owusu Addo.

Sarkodie’s Career

Sarkodi had his debut in 2005. From then he is surprising the world through his voice. He has his own album Sarkology which was released in 2014. Without that he sang in many albums. Good bye, One Time For Your mind, Living Legend, Baby etc. are his famous album. He was not so much popular in his first few years. But now he is the most famous singer in Africa.

Sarkodie’s Award

Sarkodi is known to all for his music. He is much talented because he also writes music. He has many awards in his room. He won about 100  awards in national and international ceremonies. But he was nominated about 176 times. He got MTV Base Africa Music Award, BET Music Award,  MOBO Award, Ghana Music Award, All Africa Music Award. He was awarded for best musician  of Africa many times and he is called the best rapper of Ghana of all time.

Serkodie’s Net Worth

Sarkodie is gone very rich. He has a total of $10 million. From his career he has been in the 10 youngest Musicians in the world. He is called the most rich musician of Ghana. Not only  in Ghana but also in Africa he is known as the richest musician.  But he is not stopping . he has some branded cars in his garage. There you can find two or three Marcedez benz cars, a few Lamborghini,  Rolls Royace , Some Toyota and Kantaka Mens.. cars.

Sarkodie’s Income Source

Sarkodie is a musician but he is not only getting money from music. He is a brand embassador of Samsung Electronics in Ghana. You can think how much he can earn from that. It is not the end. He his own Yas Clothing company which he started few years ago. He also Released the Obidi chief Headphone as he  did deal with Fanmilk in Ghana. He also started a non-profitable organization name Sarkodie Philanthropy which works to help poor and innocent childrens in his country.

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